COROS VERTIX 2S GPS Adventure Watch

by KEDAI JAM SISTEM on May 23, 2024



Vertix 2S has undergone only minor hardware updates rather than significant changes in its design or software. These updates are largely aimed at ensuring the device retains its premium features like COROS's top optical heart rate sensor and excellent GPS functionality, with additional tweaks for updated components and chipsets from a manufacturing perspective. However, it should be noted that not every modification leads to an enhancement; there is a specification reduction mentioned.

Here is a brief overview of the updates:

  • The device now features the latest COROS optical heart rate sensor, identical to those in the Pace 3 & APEX 2 Pro series.
  • The GPS antenna has been slightly adjusted to improve performance and accuracy.
  • It is now available in three color variants: Space, Earth, and Moon.
  • It includes both silicone and nylon straps, compared to the previous offering of only a silicone strap.
  • The weight has been reduced slightly, with the silicone version dropping from 89g to 87g and the nylon from 72g to 70g.
  • There is a slight increase in thickness, from 15.7mm to 16.0mm, due to the new heart rate sensor.
  • The battery life has been reduced from 140 hours to 118 hours because of the new heart rate sensor.
  • The packaging now includes a fully recyclable but still functional carrying case.
  • The dimensions and display remain unchanged, with a ~50mm watch case and a 1.4” MIP-based display at 280x280px.
  • The price continues to be RM3399.

The new heart rate sensor contributes significantly to these changes, offering greater accuracy at the expense of increased battery consumption and a slight increase in device thickness. Despite these changes, the overall device is lighter.

Additionally, COROS has improved the GPS antenna on the Vertix 2S based on lessons learned from the Pace 3. Despite being the first among endurance sports watches to adopt multi-band/dual-frequency technology, this didn't significantly surpass the GPS accuracy of its competitors, which often use the same GPS chipset. Instead, subtle variations in antenna design are more critical for enhancing or impairing GPS accuracy.

The Vertix 2S is now available in three distinct color options, each equipped with both nylon and silicone straps.

Furthermore, the document highlights recent firmware updates for both the existing Vertix 2 and the new Vertix 2S, including:

  • Screen mirroring from the watch to a phone for both data fields and navigation.
  • A new Virtual Pacer feature to maintain specific pace or distance targets.
  • Enhanced GPS tracking accuracy for climbing activities, applicable only to the APEX 2 Pro and Vertix 2 models.
  • A new Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test for cycling.
  • Overhauled workout and activity screens.
  • Enhanced support for combining structured workouts with navigation in running sports.
  • New features for creating and managing climbing workouts via the app.
  • New climbing training plans and additional bouldering grades.
  • Improvements to the recovery time algorithm.
  • Support for syncing Strava notes with Running Form & Fitness tests and cycling activities.
  • Enhanced granularity in structured swim workouts, now adjustable to 5-meter intervals.

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